How Long After A Death Can You Sue A Doctor

How Long After A Death Can You Sue A Doctor

How Long After A Death Can You Sue A Doctor

: The jury looks back on events that lead to profligate baronet Sir Hubert Ware being tried for murder. adapted…


18 Replies to “How Long After A Death Can You Sue A Doctor”

  1. Beautifully written and acted ,with the golden voice of Peter Coke. Radio heaven.
    The balcony scene at the end was the only black spot.
    Thank you Jamie ,for another first class download.

  2. I think l can explain the balcony scene. There he was, typing his wonderful play and wondering how to finish it.
    Suddenly , he heard his wife shout “ George ! Your dinners getting cold on the table “. Knowing how she hated her food getting cold, he wrote the first thing that came into his head which wasn’t the best ending!

  3. Well fooled me! Lol I thought maybe she did to serve him the lesson he needed her, and of course payback! Ok so that’s how I would have ended it! Lol thanks Jamie another great drama!

  4. I really enjoyed this one for all the reasons expressed by others here. Great twisty, OTT end. Now, Jamie and others, can anyone tell me here what happened at the end of – I think it was called – the Sound of Murder? I feel asleep before the end and then it disappeared. I don’t know whodunnit or even what was ‘dun’….

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