How Long After A Death Can You Sue A Doctor

How Long After A Death Can You Sue A Doctor

How Long After A Death Can You Sue A Doctor

Prince Death News. In the end, no one will be charged in Prince’s death but Prince’s family is ready to sue the hospital that saw Prince a week before his death, …


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  1. ***off topic. Are you going to be reviewing Janelle Monáes new album? Especially since she said “Make Me Feel” was originally a song by prince, which of course like he always has with so many other artists, gave it to Janelle Monáe.

  2. I'm intrigued how this will play out.
    I wouldn't consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but you really ought to wonder just how so and so occurred, such as whether the Illinois hospital didn't follow proper procedure regarding Prince's medicine and if His Purpleness was even aware he was taking fentanyl at all. Also, *off topic PF did you happen to check out the new website released by the estate?

  3. Prince, was murdered after Baltimore and co founding, bank rolled them, it,s on Google (Prince and Black Lives Matter ) switching meds without Prince knowing what he took, crazy as blink fill in the blanks, so now no criminal charges but an murder like Tupac and Biggie,, glad his family is taking action so here is the part we knew what was going to happen with the investigation status society dropped the ball , it's my theory I believe there was an will but Prince had to be taken out to steal the will,, thus to steal the contains of Prince,s vaults,,, then make false reports, dumb as hell, knew there were cover ups concerning Prince,s murder Prince is still here in spirit with his Prince Friends letting us know his family and Prince Friends to keep his legacy and movements alive

  4. You are right the hospital should not have let Prince leave without a testing him for what caused the overdose
    As for nobody being charged where did these pills come from?
    I cannot believe it’s taken to years to find out nothing

  5. I think Prince's medication was switched without him knowing. I do believe he was in pain and needed relief. The vultures who knew this, saw a way in. Sad he was taken out, the hospital can argue he left, he was aware and fentanyl is hard to detect unless a specific drug test is given. The only way he could have been sent any where if he was to be sectioned. This is hard to do as well. In my state they are trying to change the procedure of you overdose, you are mandated to stay for 3 days in the hospital. This is sad but if something changes to help save lives Prince will be smiling down from heaven. Thank You

  6. A hospital can't force a patient to stay. What they do is have you sign a form that you're leaving against medical advice to release them from responsibility. And as fare as Walgreens goes, they just fill the prescription given by the doctor, so good luck with that. The family is just trying to get some money anywhere they can.

  7. Prince refused test and did stay around 6hours. The hospital cannot make you stay if you sign the papers that you are leaving against their advice.  As for the pharmacy I don't see a chance there. This should be interesting. Now if they knew where and whom he got the laced pills from that would have been different.

  8. I have been working thru Celebration 2018 and I haven't had a enough time to let everything settle in. But Im off now and I watch nothing compares 2 U and just cried, so emotional seeing him rehearse. He looked so happy and having fun doing what he loved. And I love that song as well and no one and nothing will compare 2 PRINCE. Just wanted to ask were you able to get the limited edition of the record while there. I saw it. Beautiful.

  9. I've lost a lot of family members in my life that were very close to me, and Prince's death feels the same to me if not worse. I never got to see him and that will be one of the biggest regrets of my life ( I live in Maine and he never step foot here). Having videos and people I can talk to about it here means a lot to me. I live in a small city and I don't know anyone here that loves Prince the way I do. Thank you for these videos and for giving me this opportunity to connect.

  10. I don't know what happened, although it´s surely strange why would he have pills labeled as vicodin when there was fentanyl inside… it doesn´t look like he knew what he was taking… But what I am absolutely sure of.. he did not want to leave this world… yet … He wouldn't have left his entire creation like that, no instructions, as careful as he was with ALL details. I don't believe it. Much love O(+>

  11. Unfortunately, Prince was discharged against medical advice because he could not get a private room. I will always be a Prince fan, but I believe he knowingly obtained pills from the black market that unbeknownst they were laced with Fentanyl. However, the smoking gun is he placed the pills in mislabeled bottles to possibly hide an addiction. In addition, to the mystery he was surrounded by enablers which include physicians, pharmacists and friends that could have obtained the deadly cocktail.

  12. I do believe Prince was a user of opiates for a long time (sorry folks but I believe he knew he was taking Fentanyl ) and when he overdosed and was given 2 doses of Narcan which would have removed all traces of drugs from his system it sent his body into complete shock as he would have been in such distress from the withdrawal and all the symptoms that go with it. Anyway, I believe that is why he died just a week later. 2 years on and I still think it is so sad that Prince's life ended that way. Another point, I would like to rant about is the lack of respect in the media for this very private man…pictures of his body outside the elevator for everyone to see……..That is so damn disrespectful to this great man…he deserved better.

  13. This case will be re-opened–give it time.
    Prince supposedly refused to stay in IL because they could not provide him with a private room. Usually if a patient refuses to stay, they have to sign paperwork stating that they are leaving against doctor's orders.

  14. If Prince's family has a medically inclined representative, they could ask what tools were used to evaluate Prince. An assessment used by a hospital will include a scale which rates how stable the patient is.

    Supposedly, Prince mentioned that it was hard to "Get back into his body" after they attempted to arouse him on the plane. The paramedics used the Narcan and subsequently advised that Prince need hospitalization after they revived him.

    That, to me, sounds like he was not ready to fly back to Minne. When the OD is reversed, the patient will experience uncomfortable days ahead, and he was not able to take care of himself because of withdrawals and sickness. Continuous muscle spasms , irritability and anxiety, pulse rate goes up. This is probably the issue at hand, him being left to handle that difficult time in his own.

  15. A hospital cannot force a competent adult to stay against his or her will. Usually in this situation the patient will be counseled by the MD and then sign AMA papers (leaving against medical advice). The only other option would have been to place Prince on a 5150 (72 hour hold because the patient is a danger to himself or others). In retrospect I wish this had been done; sadly, his celebrity and personal need for privacy made it very difficult for him to get the care he needed.
    It is all so very sad.

  16. Oh that's interesting. Prince was murdered in liew of the Black Lives Matter Movement…no. way. He lives in Jesus. He never got paid to protest. He sacrificed money to protest for his spiritual beliefs. Check yo'sef

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